USB Car Charger £6.99

This Dual USB Car Charger not only looks great with its vibrant blue light it is smart as well. It indicates your devices are charging.

The dual socket provides rapid charging and is easy to use.

  • Smart Charger – Adjusts the Voltage depending on the device
  • Quick Charge
  • High Quality In Car Charger
  • Blue LED Light
  • Dual USB
  • 12 to 24 volt
  • Small and compact yet high in quality.

This smart accessory will adjust to the power of your device, for example, the charger will recognise whether to adjust to the power of an iPhone or a Samsung.

The dual socket safely allows you to charge more than 1 device at the same time, for example, GPS, your partners, sons, Daughters phone, tablet, MP3 Player etc.

This duel socket plugs straight into your car power socket.

Package includes: 

1 x High Quality In Car Charger

FREE postage 

This item is shipped FREE anywhere in the UK – pay no postage.

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